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Q: Can starter pistols shoot real bullets?
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Can blank firing guns shoot real bullets?


Do the guns they shoot at track meets really have bullets?

No, they fire blanks. Real bullets would be dangerous.

How do you beat the real final boss in sonic rush?

as sonic hit the bullets into the window|as blaze shoot fire balls into the window

Can you sell real bullets in gift shops?

No you can not sell REAL bullets in a gift shop. But, bullets are sold at gun shops

Can you shoot from blank gun with rubber bullets?

Any gun can shoot blanks. However, generally speaking, a "blank gun" such as a starters pistol, has a blocked barrel so it cannot fire a bullet...real or rubber.

Are potato guns illegal in West Virginia?

No they are not. Even though they don't shoot real bullets, they're still dangerous and you can get in trouble with them if you don't use them properly.

What is 2 pistols real name?


Can Nerf guns shoot real bullets?

No. Nerf darts have a hole in the back which is inserted or loaded onto a post inside the chamber or barrel which keeps them in place. Bullets do not have that hole and would not fit into any Nerf gun. And even then, Nerf guns rely on springs and air for power. Real bullets are fired using an internal hammer which strikes the back and sets off a chain reaction inside the bullet, which releases it.

Are werewolves killed by silver bullets?

werewolves are said to be killed by silver bullets. it is probably true but we dont have any real evidence as to if werewolves are real. i believe werewolves are 100 percent real and they can be killed by silver bullets.

When was the International Defensive Pistol Association IDPA founded?

It was the year 1996, when the International Defensive Pistol Association IDPA was founded by some men, who shoot with pistols in a sporty manner. They train and simulate real scenarios of shooting.

What are the release dates for Real Deal - 2011 Sex- tant Pistols - 1.5?

Real Deal - 2011 Sex- tant Pistols - 1.5 was released on: USA: 4 December 2011