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You can cure a hangover quicker by hydrating properly and having something good to eat like bacon and eggs. Other than that, relax and stay away from bright lights and lots of movement that could set off the nausea too.

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Q: Can something cure a hangover besides time?
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Can hot coffee cure a hangover?

You can drink all the coffee you want, but it will not help a hangover.

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What cures a hangover?

Nothing can cure a hangover, exept time. But things can make it better. A hangover is where the alcohol in your body makes your body dehydrated (so you feel awful). So my recommendation is before you go to bed drink as much water as you possibly can. But in the morning avoid fatty foods, drink loads of water or smoothie or sports drinks because the latter two replenish the vitamins.

What are the best rated hangover cures?

المريض يمكن أن يعالج وكذلك البيانات تعالج وأيضاً المشاكل يمكن أن تعالج الفرق يكمن في طبيعية الحالة التي تحتاج إلى علاج.

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Ok you drunk some alcohol last night and got a hangover?

Next time drink in moderation and you won't get a hangover.

What are some good home remedies for a hang over?

While nothing may fully cure a hangover besides time, there are several things one can do to ease the pain. Ginger can be taken to help with nausea. Flat soda can also help. Water is crucial to prevent dehydration. Sleep is the most important step in regaining one's health, so one should rest as much as possible.

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Do you always get a hangover after getting drunk?

After every time you drink you do not get a hangover. If you are able to control the amount you drink you will be able to control how you act afterward.

Will a low BAL cause a hangover?

Not always but some time it may be

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