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Q: Can someone stalk you through the iPhone with a app if you don't have an iPhone?
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How can you connect with someone who has an iPhone if you dont have an iPhone?

call his/her mobile(iphone) or sms

Where does Cleo Gomez live?

dont stalk her

Where does Blake Griffin attend church?

just sayin out of all the places to stalk someone u choose church? nah but i dont really know :/

How much does Selena gomezes mom weigh?

i dont know i dont stalk her mom

Can your mobile number get given to someone else if you dont use iPhone?

Yes. Most providers will wait a year or more.

How do you get a hotspot for your iPhone?

you dont

How do you get java on your jailbroken iPhone?

You dont

How do you increase an iPhone GBs?

you dont

Should you buy a TV or a iPhone?

A tv if you dont have one if to da a iphone

How do you get game Center on iPhone?

if you have an iphone 3gs or later then you have it. other wise you dont have it.

IHome iP9 will not charge your iPhone 3G?

yes your iphone will charge in an ihome. when you plug it in you will get a warning asking if you want to turn on airplane mode but dont cause you wont be able to receive calls or texts. you wont be able to play music from your iphone through the ihome but it will charge the iphone.

Why do preppy guys stalk the school freak?

they represent someone that is different, someone exciting and fresh, not like them.. theyre curious and want to know what its like i dont know if stalking is required, but stuff like this happens quite often