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Yes, that is what happens.

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Q: Can small amount of matter change to immense quantities of energy in nuclear weapons?
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What is a nuclear arsenal?

An amount of nuclear weapons a country has

How do you convert Uranium into electricity?

Nuclear fission of uranium-235 release an immense amount of energy.Uranium is used as fuel in nuclear reactors.

How many megatons of nuclear weapons in the world?

Very difficult to answer - since most countries are extremely secretive about the amount of nuclear weapons they have stockpiled.

What is the largest amount of nuclear weapons the US had at its disposal?

Anal sec

How many nuclear weapons were tested at the Bikini Atoll?

There were 23 total nuclear weapons tested at Bikini Atoll between the years of 1946 and 1958. These nuclear weapons caused a great amount of radiation to be leaked into the surrounding areas.

What country uses the least amount of uranium?

Many countries without uranium mines, nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons.

Did Cuba threaten to release nuclear bomb?

No, Cuba never had control of a large amount of nuclear weapons, the Soviet Union placed them their in reaction to the US placing Nuclear weapons on West Germany, Greece, Turkey, and some pacific island. The US threatened a huge invasion or nuclear strike against Cuba after they discovered the Nuclear weapons in Cuba

What is horizontal proliferation?

Horizontal Proliferation is trying to stop the increase in the amount of countires with nuclear weapons.

Why is uranium so special?

The nuclear fission of uranium-235 release a huge amount of energy.This energy can be used in nuclear reactors to produce electricity/heat or in nuclear weapons.

Can you use immense in a sentence?

There is an immense amount of concrete in that building.

How much would it cost to get rid of a large amount of the US's nuclear weapons?

Nearly what it cost to build them.

Do you think use of nuclear weapons should be banned or not essay?

I think the use of nuclear weapons should be banned. They are to powerful and to many of them are out there. There are enough known nukes total to kill more than 5 times the actual amount of people in the world.