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Yes, pregnant women can use bleach but there are some rules that are good to follow. See related link below.

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Q: Can pregnant women use blench
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What is a blench?

A blench is a deceitful act or trick, or a sidelong glance.

How do you use blench in sentence?

Blench is a verb, so it is something that you must do, just as a person would "talk," "read," or "type."To "blench" means to "flinch" or, put simply, to react to something unpleasant by drawing back. If someone were to attempt to punch someone else, their target might "blench" and step back.So, to use the word in a sentence:My father blenched when my mother hit him.

Should pregnant women use diuretics?

In general, pregnant women should not use diuretics unless a physician recommends their use

Can pregnant women take the medicine sedalmerck?

It says on the package that pregnant women should not use it.

What is the meaning of blenching?

of Blench

Should pregnant women use water pills?

In general, pregnant women should not use water pills unless a physician recommends their use

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Should pregnant women take ecstasy?

No they shouldn't, and I would discourage any use of recreational drugs by pregnant women.

Use palpable in sentence?

A pregnant women is palpable.

Is Vicks vapor rub safe to use for pregnant women?

Yes, Vicks Vapor Rub is actually recommended by doctors for pregnant women. It is completely safe to use.

Can ruta be taken by pregnant women?

Pregnant women should not use ruta because it stimulates contraction of the uterus and can cause miscarriage.

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