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No, it takes 2 weeks to just get pregnant after the sex.

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Q: Can pregnancy symptoms start a week after intercours?
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When pregnancy symptoms start is it after 1 week intercourse?

It takes 2 weeks to get pregnant and then another few weeks until you get symptoms.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms in the first week like just little signs?

Can you have pregnancy symptoms in first week after having sex

Can you start feeling signs of pregnancy with in the first week?

Hello. No. Some women begin to feel pregnancy symptoms after the embryo has implanted. But you wont feel symptoms till the embryo has begun releasing HCG which is over a week after having sex.

How soon can you feel early pregnancy symptoms.. I'm not supposed to start my period for another week and a half but am already feeling symptoms. Is this possible?

It is unlikely that you would be having pregnancy symptoms a week and a half before your expected period because that would be only a few days after concieving.

Are there any symptoms of pregnancy in the first week?

No it is far to early to say anything about pregnancy in the first week.

Are you having early pregnancy symptoms if you have had cramping on your left side about a week after ovulation and your nipples have been hard and sensitive?

Pregnancy symptoms can start as early as the day of conception, if it is a week before your period there are tests you can take a week before your period that will tell you if you are pregnant or not but a definite sign is a missed period.

How soon do some pregnancy symptoms appear?

Pregnancy symptoms appear at different times for different women. Sometimes they don't start till a week after, and some women don't even get the symptoms. Many women say that they got the symptoms the day after, and some reported that they didn't even get the symptoms till a few months into their pregnancy.

IF you are having your first pregnancy is it possible to start feelings symptoms as early as 1 week after sex?

Nope, purely psychological.

What are signs and symptoms of pregnancy when its a week old?


How soon do you start feeling or noticing pregnancy symptoms if you might have conceived one week ago?

Hello. You may not experience any symptoms till your period is late.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms after one week?

Some women report having symptoms this early.

What are the signs of a weak pregnancy?

At 1 week pregnant, there are no symptoms.