Can pinworms get you pregnant

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no, it cant

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2010-07-24 02:17:13
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Q: Can pinworms get you pregnant
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Are pinworms sexual or asexual?

are pinworms asexual or sexual

What is the difference between parasites and pinworms?

pinworms are parasites

Can pinworms kill you?

Pinworms cannot kill u

Pinworms are what type of animal?

Pinworms belong to the Nematode group of worms.

Is it bad if you have pinworms?

Pinworms invade the intestinal tract of the species which they inhabit. Pinworms are serious and can cause organ damage.

Does fleas give dogs pinworms?

No, fleas do not transmit pinworms.

Can a dog get pinworms?

The myth of dogs catching pinworms hence is incorrect. Generally dogs get infected with tapeworms which are mistaken for pinworms.

Is it possible to not notice pinworms?

It is possible for you to not notice your pinworms until they get very bad. Usually when you find your pinworms, the disease is coming to an end. The pinworms usually last for under 3 weeks WITH TREATMENT. I would recommend treating your pinworms, if not they last much longer.

What causes pin worm?

Pinworms are caused by ingesting the eggs of pinworms.

What are some of the symptoms that one might have pinworms?

The symptoms of pinworms include an itchy or scratchy rectal area. Generally, this can be worse at night when the worms deposit their eggs. Pinworms can be quite a common thing.

How many eggs do pinworms lay?

Well female pinworms lay about 100,000 eggs,but the eggs are microscopic.0

Can little girls get pinworms and can they get hurt from them?

Yes, pinworms can affect any age. The pinworms make the skin itch and break open. A doctor needs to see the area and prescribe medication to get rid of the worms.

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