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Yes you can fall pregnant because now your blood is clean and fresh

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How many glass of stametta must i take per day?
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Q: Can one fall pregnant from drinking Stameta?
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Is Stameta safe for pregnant women?

They say themselves they have not tested their products on pregnant women or fetuses and they don't recommend it to children under 14 so it's a no to that one.

Im trying to get pregnant can you drinking and smoking harm the chances of you getting pregnant?

ive been tring to get pregnant an my spouse believes me drinking occasionally an smoking ciggrattes is the reason i wont get pregnant but i been pregnant 3 times an misscarriage one time

Can one fall pregnant 4 days after her periods?

Hello. A woman can become pregnant any time throughout her reproductive years. Conceiving a baby during the time of your period is very unlikely because there simply isn't a egg in the correct position in which to be fertilized. A day before or a day after your period and you can conceive. Sorry but the above statement is incorrect. The uterus releases one egg a month, the reason a woman goes into menses is to discard that egg. A woman can rarely release more than one egg a month but menses destroys any egg in the womb and gets rid of it through elimination in the period process. You are basically infertile 10 days from the last day of your period at which time around the 11-13 day a new egg is released and takes up occupation on the uterus wall. It is a myth that a woman can get pregnant at any time of her life, as it is also a myth that even a single sperm cell can impregnate a woman. It takes 50,000 sperm cells on average to have even a 50% chance of impregnation do to the hostile environment of the vagina. Less than that, less chance.

Was Elizabeth 1 every pregnant?

No. She was never married and never had children. If she did fall pregnant, no-one ever found out about it.

What drugs can you take to terminate a month pregnancy?

Mifepristone and Misoprostol taken after one another with one day apart. You get them from your doctor. And the one answering first; no stameta will not make you abort. It's just not recommended because it's not tested on pregnant women or children under the age of 14. Products like that rarely are.

Can you get pregnant by Japanese water?

There is only one way to get pregnant (apart from artificial insemination) and it does not involve drinking water or any other fluid of any description.

Statements about moderate drinking is false?

pregnant women should only drink one glass of red wine a day.

If your period is late by one day can you be preagnat?

No, obviously you cannot be pregnant if you get your period.Menstruation only occurs if you don't fall pregnant as a result of ovulation the previous cycle.

How much should pregnant women drink?

This answer is culture dependent. In the US, women are discouraged from drinking alcohol at all while pregnant, but in France, it is encouraged that the pregnant woman drink one (1) glass of red wine a day.