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Depending on how bad the infection in your tattoo is will depend on how well the neosporin will work. If the infection is really bad you need to see a Doctor. My advise is if you think your tattoo is getting, or is already infected, go to a Doctor. They will be able to tell you what is best for it. Tattoo artists can tell you if it's infected or not but they will likely tell you to use just neosporin. The Doctor can give you a prescription or antibiotic ointment that will take care of it. If not properly taken care of you can get blood poisoning. Blood poisoning can be fatal so just save yourself the risk and see a Doctor. Hope this helps.

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Q: Can neosporin alone heal an infected tattoo?
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How can you heal an infected cut?

wash it off then neosporin then band aid

How can you heal a scrape?

The best way to have a scrape heal is to put Neosporin ointment over the area and cover it with a Band-Aid. Then leave the scrape alone to heal naturally.

Will Neosporin help a spider bite?

Neosporin will not help the irritation but it will help the area heal quicker. For quick relief, take Benadryl for the swelling and itch. If the area starts to turn funny colors, see a doctor for an antibiotic because spider bites can get infected.

How do you heal a blister from a softball bat?

There is no quick way to heal any blister but to put neosporin on it.

How can you help cuts heal faster?

By putting lots of neosporin on the cuts

Will taking antibiotics help a tattoo heal faster?

No, unless it's infected. Antibiotics only help to kill bacteria, they won't speed healing time.

How do you keep a gauge from getting infected?

taper it and let it heal over a bit of time....i'd say a week or so, i lube up with neosporin before i put the taper in personally, it helps quicken the healing process

Why does your arm look scaly after you get a colored tattoo?

It is a scab and DO NOT pick at it because it will take the new tattoo off. I had a new tattoo damaged at a wedding when everyone hugged me and knocked a small part of the scab off. Just leave it alone and it will heal leaving a nice looking tattoo.

Your father has a open wound and you need the best cream to heal?

I would use Neosporin

What can you use to cure a cold sore?

It is a virus, so you have to outwait it. Neosporin may help it heal.

How do you get rid of a cut?

Just allow it to heal. Try putting neosporin and a band-aid over it and leave that for a few days. It should heal. do not irritate it.

Can you put neosporin on a burn?

If you have minor burn then you can use Neosporin on it. But when the burned area is large and severe then one should not use Neosporin. The Neosporin is only applied to the external areas.