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Q: Can methergine make you have false positive pregnancy test?
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What if you r taking vitamin's that has the same things in it as prenatal's will it make you test a false positive?

A pregnancy tests detects the hcg in your system. It can read a false negative but not a false positive.

Can suboxone make you have a false positive pregnancy test?

I have this same question and I can't find the answer...

What will make a home pregnancy gives a false positive?

On rare occasions you can encounter a false positive due to improper testing, expired pregnancy tests, rare medical conditions such as certain types of cancer, evaporation lines or a chemical pregnancy.

Can uristat cause a false positive pregnancy test?

No only the hormone HCG (a hormone produced during pregnancy) in your urine can make a pregnancy test positive. If the line is very faint wait another day and take another test. False positives are very rare.

Can asparagus make a false positive pregnancy test?

No, eating asparagus should not affect a pregnancy test. However, if you don't read the test in the correct time frame (ie, you wait too long), you can get a false positive. Also, sometimes a false positive happens for no apparent reason - this is inherent in a home pregnancy test although most manufacturers work to reduce the possibility of this as much as possible.

When had miscarriage and linen of womb swollen can it make you have a positive pregnancy test?

Yes, if the miscarriage was recent then your hormone levels are still not back to normal and it could cause a false positive result on a pregnancy test.

How do you make a drug test read false positive?

I don't know that you can make it read a false positive, but sometimes it just happens to read as a false positive.

What can make a pregnancy test read a false positive?

There are a few factors that can result in a false positive. Most of the time though false positives are rare! I recently experienced this. I have 4 children and have never had a false positive! My test never showed up unless I was pregnant. I recently had 5 tests show a faint positive and went to the doctor for blood test which was negative. I was told that a cyst on your ovaries can sometimes make a test appear positive (false positive). Other factors include chemical pregnancy. This is one where everything develops as though you are pregnant, except for the baby. If you are on any medication that contains the pregnancy hormone (HCG), this also can make your test turn up positive. It is best to have a blood test done by the doctor to totally insure you are not pregnant.

Can pressing on results window on a pregnancy test make it positive?


Are you pregnant if you had little to no bleeding and had a 1 positive pregnancy test and 2 negative pregnancy test?

It is rare that you will get a false positive. Make sure you are reading the directions correctly on the box for each pregnancy test you take. They need to be on a flat, dry surface and left alone until the time limit in the directions. If you had some bleeding/spotting this could be implantation bleeding which is common in your first symptoms of pregnancy. I only tested positive on a Clearblue pregnancy test. No other test would give me a positive. So it could also be the brand you are using. I wouldn't recommend dollar store pregnancy tests. Pregnancy tests aren't cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Reliability home urine drug test?

certin prescriptions and otc drugs can make a false positive. but usually its accurate.

Positive pregnancy test when to see doctor?

I would contact your physician and ask when to make an appointment. Most doctors will tell you to come make an appointment as soon as you receive a positive pregnancy test.