Can men take slimquick

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Men can in fact take the diet drink Slim Quick. This drink was meant for both women and men who wanted to lose weight.

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Q: Can men take slimquick
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Related questions

Can men use slimquick?

no it's a WOMANS drink.

Can 14 year olds take SlimQuick?


Do you have to be a certain age to take SlimQuick?

90 years old.

Is slimquick and a hydrocodone safe to take together?

SlimQuick is basically caffinated vitamins. It's probably fine, but you should consult the doctor who prescribed the hydrocodone (who will probably tell you that SlimQuick has pretty much no effect beyond that of a placebo and you shouldn't be wasting your money on it anyway).

How do you take the Slimquick Cleanse product Do you just swallow it or do you take out the powder in it?

take the whole gel tab, it will just desolve in your stomach

Have you tried slimquick?

yes im currently on my second week of the 3 week program of slimquick.

Can kids take slimquick?

i dont think so because just imagine giving a kid a diet pill it has substances in that adults digestive systems can handle and kids can not handle. and i would think that slimquick would do the same.

Can you take slimquick if you are taking Enalapril and Simvastatin?

You should be able to. Slimquick is a food. It contains vitamins and minerals. Enalapril is a blood pressure medicine and Simvastatin is an anti-cholesterol med. Neither should have any interaction with the artificial flavors.

What could happen if you take slimquick if being treated for anxiety?

You could get very ill. it is not good to be anerexic and take weight loss pills.

Can you take slimquick cleanse with slimquick caplets?

Since the Slim Quick brand of weight loss medication hasn't been approved by the FDA (food and drug administration) it would be wise to talk to your doctor about interacting Slim Quick with any other medication.

Is slimquick safe for a 12 year old?

yes i think it would be fine for any girl over the age of 10 to take it

Can teens use slimquick?

yes, but consult a doctor

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