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Have there been any studies to determine whether the use of marijuana by pregnant mothers increases the odds of autism in their children?

I have seen studies showing the results from use of cocaine and alcohol.

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Q: Can marijuana use cause you to have a child with autism?
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What remedies should use in case an infant eat marijuana?

Seek medial help immediately. Marijuana can severely complicate the heart rhythm of young children. It can also cause learning disabilities and autism.

Does the use of marijuana cause involuntary foot movement?

No. No it does not.

Can marijuana cause death?

As far as the records go, there has never been a recorded death from use of marijuana.

Does marijuana help pregnant women regain their appetite?

No. Drug use while pregnant is a form of child abuse. Drugs will harm your baby and may cause brain damage.

Do vaccines cause autisim?

A lot of people question that. I don't think vaccines are the real cause of making an infant turn into an autistic toddler/child. Autism has always been around. It's just no one really found out what the name was back then. Most people way back before 1935 referred autistic people as "mentally retarded" or "incurable idiots" etc. Some children with autism through the mid 20th century have been vaccinated or drugged because of their autism. Vaccine use does not cause autism. The original paper that suggested that has been rejected by the medical community and rescinded by its author. People who do not have their children vaccinated are putting not only their children in danger but every child in contact with them.

How would a childcare worker best work with a child with autism?

Firstly, they would recognise to use identity-first language: it's Autistic children, not children with autism. They would also listen to Autistic people who have first-hand experience of Autism.

How many pregnant women use Marijuana?

Alot of women actually use marijuana, i have a friend that smokes it. But most stop a couple months before they have to give birth. For if it is found in their blood system when they have the child, the child will be taken away

If it is considered a highly credible theory that autism is caused by the extreme male brain then will it next be considered credible that autism is caused by anabolic steroids?

I know a police officer that uses steroids and his wife gave birth to a child that is autistic. I'm not saying that it was the cause, just know of this situation. I would believe it will be very difficult to find people who use steroids to answer this question honestly, especially if their child is autistic.

Is there a scale to tell how autistic a child is?

No, there is no scale to tell 'how autistic' a child is. A child is either autistic or they're not, there is no scale of 'how autistic' a person is just as there's no scale for how Chinese someone is or how female someone is.

Can obesity in mothers lead to autism in children?

No, obesity in mothers cannot lead to autism in children. Although we don't know the exact causes of autism it is largely due to genetic factors and genetic mutation, there is some evidence to link certain environmental factors such as use of certain antidepressants with autism but it's not conclusive. There is nothing to suggest obesity in the mother would lead to autism in her child.

How is the GIA - General Intellectual Ability - score used to evaluate children with autism?

One criterion for diagnosing Aspergers is being "average to above average in intellectual ability". The use of the GIA establishes the relative cognitive ability of the child. If the child shows to be below average, then Aspergers is ruled out. (Although that does not mean that autism is ruled out, as it is "average or above" is not a criterion for classic autism.)

Would marijuana affect the rhogam shot?

The use of marijuana can cause the the rhogam shot to counter act and can cause a miss carry and effect on any other pregnantcy you try again