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There is currently no scientific evidence to support the theory that cannabis causes birth defects.

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Q: Can marijuana cause birth deffects
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Does birth control cause birth deffects?

Although there is very little evidence to prove this some doctors believe that hormonal birth control can cause birth defects.

What are factors that effect fetal development?

Smoking, Absorption of Alcohol, and Medications that can cause birth deffects in pregnancy.

Does folic acid prevent pregnancy?

no-you should be taking it every day when trying to conceive to prevent birth deffects

What does radiation poisoning do to people and animals?

radiation poisoning cause lung cancer and if you are pregent with child it can have deffects

Will your baby be healthy if you smoke marijuana?

No, you should not drink, smoke, or do drugs as this can cause birth defects and the baby will be addicted at birth.

If a man smokes marijuana while trying to conceive with his partner will it cause birth defects in the newborn?

The problems would be similar to a mother smoking marijuana during pregnancy.

When can you start taking Ortho Cyclen?

You may start taking it whenever you have started on you menstrual cycle, when you are sexually active, or for example of you are thinking of taking the pill accutane you must be on orth cyclen for a month before you take accutane because ortho cyclen will cause birth deffects.

How do you write a closing statement for a trial?

You have to summarize what you showed in the case and you must point out the deffects in the opponents case. You have to summarize what you showed in the case and you must point out the deffects in the opponents case.

How does marijuana effect the zygote?

scientific evidence show that illegal drugs such as Marijuana have side effects during oregnancy.They interfere with normal birth specially during the first ten weeks of pregnancy. They cause mal formation of heart ,liver and face. Marijuana can have bad effects on the zygote as follows, Sponteneous abottions law birth weight fetal growth restrictions

How much marijuana will cause a dirty test?

As little as 25 milliliters of marijuana can cause a dirty test.

How does Marijuana affect the brain?

Marijuana may cause memory loss.

Does marijuana cause lip cancer?

No! You FOOL! Marijuana cures cancer!