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Yes, because it's illegal.

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Q: Can kids get in trouble for smoking?
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What can one do to prevent kids smoking?

There are several things that parents and peers can do to prevent kids from smoking. The best thing to do it talk to kids and have them understand the consequences of smoking.

Can smoking hurt kids?

Yes, smoking hurts everyone.

What if you smoke while on probation?

Smoking tobacco would not be a problem. Smoking illegal substances can get you into trouble.

What can under age kids get in trouble for smoking pot?

Juveniles are usually given probation, community service, time in a juvenile detention center or any combination of those things.

How an peer pressure get kids into trouble?

kids get other kids to start doing things that are against the rules which cause them to get in trouble.

Smoking facts about kids?


What age do kids start smoking all over the world?

The average age that kids start smoking around the world is 13 years old.

Why are kids that are 2 called trouble 2s?

Kids are wonderful and adorable, but when the get to the age of 2, they seem to be getting into trouble allot!

What would cause breathing to decrease?

smoking can cause lots of trouble.

How is skateboarding received by the public?

The older the public the worse, almost never true the stereotype of skateboarding is pot smoking kids, pretty close to hippies who are just there to cause trouble and break windows etc.

How kids lose privileges?

By smoking weed. Obv.

How many people start smoking per year?

3000 kids start smoking every DAY!..