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Not the ideal, but to some degree, yes.

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Q: Can kerosene and oil clean a gun?
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How can you clean sludge out of oil pan?

Remove the oil pan from the engine and clean it with kerosene.

Why kerosene is not a fossil fuel?

Fossil fuel is kerosene. Of kerosene oil condensate.

What happens when you mix coconut oil and kerosene?

No, coconut oil do not dissolve in kerosene

Which cleaning product work best for cleaning gun parts?

Kerosene, Alcohol, pear oil (Amyl Acetate), and ammonia are the main ingredients which are best for gun cleaning purposes.

Can you mix kerosene with mustard oil?


What was kerosene for in 1849?

kerosene is a thin oil that was used in 1849 to light oil fuled lamps.

Can you mix kerosene and home heating oil in an oil furnace?

Kerosene and home heating oil can be mixed in a oil furnace. Kerosene is thinner than heating oil. Mixed together will make the furnace burn cleaner.

Which has higher ignition temperature kerosene oil or wood?


Can you use wd-40 to lubricate a hand gun after you clean it with gun cleaner?

You shouldn't. It will break down the gun oil since there are solvents in it.

What can you put in the kerosene to get rid of the smell in a kerosene heater?

What is the easiest method of removal of Aromatic compounds in Kerosene Oil?

What oil is used in a portable oil heater?


Is K1 kerosene the same as 1 heating oil and can K1 be used in a heating oil stove?

Kerosene and heating oil are not the same. Make sure you use clear kerosene if you aren't venting out of a chimney - for example a space heater. Regular kerosene has a red dye that can be toxic