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Only compatible with iPod Video 5th Gen. only.

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Q: Can iwear ip230 be used with ipod touch with an adaptor or cable?
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Is it possible to use a bluetooth headset paired with a bluetooth adaptor which plugs into the iPod to make Skype calls on an iPod Touch g2?

you CAN make skype calls with the touch g2 and adaptor :P and the app is in the itunes store ;D

Can you use iPhone wall charger adaptor with iPhone touch?

Yes. the iPhone charger is compatible with iPod touch. they have same port.

Can you plug in an iPod touch in to a computer?

Yes, you can connect an iPod Touch to a computer. Every iPod Touch comes with a cable, and that cable plugs into the bottom of the iPod Touch and the USB 2.0 port in your computer.

Does the ipod touch usb cable charge?

Yes if u put ur iPod touch in the usb cable it will charge it up.

What is the cable called that you use to plug your iPod touch into the computer?

dock connector cable

Will your ipod touch work with a cable modem?

As long as you have a wireless router, you should be able to use your iPod touch to surf the internet using your cable modem.

Is the usb cable a charger for ipod touch?

yes it is

Does the ipod touch come with the charger and sync cable?

is it does!!!! OMG!!

Do you have to buy the iPod Touch charger separately?

No, each iPod Touch comes with a charging/data transfer cable.

How do you charge an iPod touch?

plug the USB cable into a computer then it will charge it takes about 45 mins to charge

What products does Brother P-Touch have?

Brother P-Touch produces many products. Examples of the products include labels, tapes, standard tapes, specialty tapes, AC power adaptor, tape separator stick, etc.

What inexpensive iPod touch accessories are currently available?

There are few awesome accessories available for the iPod touch, which includes a USB power adaptor, earphones, and a skin cover (case.) You could also buy a travel cleaning kit.