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Yes! I had it and am now 11 weeks pregnant.

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Q: Can i get pregnant if i had gastroschisis?
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What is the earliest a baby with gastroschisis has been born?

our baby was born at thirty two weeks with gastroschisis that is the earliest that we know of

What celebrities suffer from gastroschisis?

Jamie Carragher

Can an adult Gastroschisis survivor blackout from drinking alcohol?

of course. anyone can

When is a gastroschisis repair done?

performed to repair the other abdominal wall defect through which the bowel thrusts out with no protective sac present. Gastroschisis is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical intervent

Birth defect commonly found in babies born to older mothers?


What is it called when liver and bowel is on the outside of your body?

It's called Gastroschisis. It is a hole in the abdominal wall that allows the organs to push through.

What is gastrothesis?

Gastroschisis is a birth defect found in babies. It causes a baby's intestines to extend outside of the body per a hole in the abdomen.

What is an omphalocele?

when the abdominal wall is incompletely formed at birth, the internal organs of the infant can either protrude into the umbilical cord (omphalocele) or to the side of the navel (gastroschisis

What is a description of fetal gastroschisis?

A birth defect in which the stomach and intestines protrude through improperly formed abdominal wall muscles and float in the amniotic fluid.

What is gastroschisis?

A congenital defect characterized by incomplete closure of the abdominal wall with protrusion of the viscera. Usually requiring immediate pediatric surgery for a child born with the devastating condition.

A substance that causes birth defects?

Atrazine. It has been linked to gastroschisis and kidney damage. Source:

How are abdominal wall defects diagnosed?

a surgery performed to correct one of two birth defects of the abdominal wall: gastroschisis or omphalocele. Depending on the defect treated, the procedure is also known as omphalocele repair/closure or gastroschisis repair/closure