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Yes. They screen may crack on contact or even internal damage is possible.

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The screen may break or crack, especially if it is dropped on a hard surface with no protective case.

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Q: Can iPod touch break when it drop?
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Is it easy to break an iPod Touch?

If you end up dropping an iPod Touch on a hard surface (like wood flooring or concrete), then the iPod Touch has a very likely possibility of breaking (this is if you drop it from about 2-3 feet off of the ground). If you take care of it, the iPod Touch isn't that hard to break. If you buy the silicon cases for the iPod Touch, then it is less likely to break as the silicon cushions some of the iPod's fall.

Can an iPod Touch break really fairly easily?

No. It is possible to break an iPod Touch but really difficult.

After you jail break your ipod touch 3.1.3 when the battery runs out will your iPod touch break?

No, your ipod will not break. You simply charge it and re-do the jailbreak. no and you don't need to re- jailbreak it

Can an iPod Touch break?


Does LimeWire break your ipod touch?


Is it ok to drop your iPod touch?

No, it is not okay to drop your iPod Touch. The screen is glass and could easily shatter, and the inner circuitry is very delicate.

How do you jail break iPod touch?


Can you put downloaded music on a ipod touch?

Yes you can -- when your in itunes drag and drop your music into the ipod touch under DEVICES tab or if you have auto sync on your ipod touch enabled -- just drag and drop your songs into the songs library in itunes!

Which case should you get for your ipod touch?

I would say a hard case because if u drop it it wouldn't be as likely to break I don't have one but that was my opinion

Can you jail break your iPod touch on your iPod?

no you have to download software on youre computer.

Will the iPod touch drop in price?

It already has, and it will drop more soon has time passes by.

Is an iPod Touch 4 waterproof?

Drop it in the toilet to find out!