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It can't it can only make you flow lowere

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Q: Can heat prevent the start of your period?
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How old will a miniature schnauzer be before she starts her period?

Maybe like 3 months old. They start it all the time and its not called a period, its called 'in heat'. A female dog can start their in heat at any time.

Should you adjust the pressure in your car tires before you start on a trip or after you have been driving some time?

Tire pressure should be adjusted after a period of driving. The air in a tire will heat and expand as you drive on it. Therefore, to prevent overpressurization, tire air pressure should be adjusted only after a period of driving.

When should you start the birth control pill after dilation and curettage?

If you are trying to prevent pregnancy, start taking your OC the day of a D&C. It may also regulate your period.

Do electronic cases prevent heat damage?

A case can prevent sun damage to your device,but it will not stop heat.

If I didn't start taking Yasmin the pill after my period will that affect how my period works?

After beginning Yasmin, the pill can regulate your periods. Yasmin is normally a birth control pill that is used to prevent pregnancy.

Where Thermos flask prevent loss or gain of heat by a) Conduction b) Convection c) Radiation d) All of the ab?

d) All of the above. Thermos flasks are insulated to prevent heat transfer through conduction, convection, and radiation, keeping the contents either hot or cold for an extended period.

What pill can be used to push back your period?

You can get your doctor to prescribe Norethisterone, this is a progesterone pill so acts to prevent the progesterone drop that would trigger menstruation. You take it three times per day starting three days before your period is due to start, and continue to take it until you want your period to start.

Can the death of a close family member that happened 1 week before you were supposed to start your period prevent you from getting your period that month?

It's possible. Stress can cause ovulation to be suppressed, but that would've been two weeks before you were supposed to get your period.

Will a radiator cap prevent heat?


How does a radiator prevent heat?

A radiator gives off heat not prevents it.

How you prevent heat loss from a house?

BURN IT then no heat would escape

Can ulcer prevent girls period?