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No, it is a healthy high because your pet is not inhaling the smoke of the weed.

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Q: Can feeding dogs marijuana stems kill them?
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Will feeding a dog chocolate possibly kill it?

Yes, chocolate is poisonous to dogs so feeding too much chocolate to a dog can kill it.

Does grapes kill dogs?

No, but I can about guarantee you won't like what feeding grapes to your dog will do to your carpet.

Can onion make a guinea pig get diarrhea?

Onion might kill it. Onion will kill cats and not good for dogs either. Why are you feeding it onions?

Do raisins really kill dogs?

I wouldn't recommend giving any dogs you know raisins. A few can make them very ill and small boxes can kill them. Feeding a dog raisins and grapes, even it small amounts can be fatal.

How do you kill marijuana?

with a spork. . .

How many people does Marijuana kill?

Zero. Marijuana will not kill you in its own right but it can kill if you drive impaired or make other impaired decisions.

Can dogs kill Mouses?

The answer is yes, dogs can kill Mouses, but dogs can also kill rats.

Can rasians kill dogs?

raisins can kill dogs

What dogs kill snakes?

no dogs can kill a snake

Will white widow weed kill you?

No, if it is unadulterated marijuana (which it almost certainly is) it will not kill you. White widow is a specific strain of marijuana.

Can dogs eat iron?

Iron as in the mineral, yes. Iron is in the blood of animals, which wild dogs (or even house dogs, should they kill a mouse or other animal) often eat. Iron as in the metal, no. Feeding it to them would constitute animal abuse.

Can broccoli kill dogs?

No, feeding your dog small amounts (less than 10% of their diet) of broccoli won't kill your dog. Vegetables can be quite healthy for dogs. However, if you drop a large enough amount of brocolli on top of your dog, it could injur or kill your dog, so this use of brocolli isn't recommended.