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can downloads viber on BB bold 9000

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Q: Can download viber in blackberry bold?
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Can you download viber on your smartphone?

Viber can be installed on your iPhone as well as Android mobiles. If you have blackberry phone, then viber has good news for you. Viber blackberry will be launched in just few days.

Can blackberry 8520 have viber?


Is viber available on blackberry mobiles?

Viber blackberry official app is not launched yet. However Viber team confirmed that it will be released very very soon. May be in April 2012.

Which is newer the blackberry bold 9000 or the blackberry bold 9700?

The Blackberry bold 9700 is newer than the Blackberry bold 9000.

What is newer iPhone or blackberry bold?

the blackberry bold 9700 but NOT the blackberry bold 9000

When is viber coming to the new blackberry z10?


Which is better blackberry bold or blackberry curve?

Blackberry bold is better for work but if you just want for a normal phne i would choose the curve

What are some the best Google apps for the Blackberry?

The best google applications to download for Blackberry are WhatsApp, Viber, Battery Booster, Foursquare and skype. A lot more applications can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Which is better a blackberry bold or curve?

A blackberry bold is better

How do you screen capture on blackberry bold 9700?

The Blackberry Bold 9700 devices are not built with screen shot software. The only way you can get a screen shot is if you download specific software. These are available through the Blackberry App World or other websites.

How do you download games on a blackberry bold 9700?

go onto bb world in your apps place!

Can you use Skype on your Blackberry Bold?

Skype is available for BlackBerry Bold, although only available on the "Verizon Wireless" BlackBerry Bold and other BlackBerry devices.