Can douching delay your period

Updated: 9/28/2023
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No, douching doesn't effect your period at all - when your period is due is determined by your menstrual cycles, nothing about douching could effect this.

FYI douching is unhygenic and unsafe as it effects vaginal pH, strips vaginal tissues or moisture, and can force harmful bacteria further into the vagina - douching increases risks of vaginal infections, TSS, STD's and PID.

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Q: Can douching delay your period
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Can figerring a girl delay period?

No this will not delay a period.

Is a sour food or drink a day before your period will delay your period from coming out?

No this will not delay your period.

Can having a cold delay your period?

No, if you have had a cold at the time of ovulation it can then delay cycle but a common cold should not delay you period

What causes delay in period?

Many things can cause a delay in a woman's period. Stress, poor diet, and a lack of sleep can cause a delay. A serious illness can also cause a delay.

What can be taken to delay a period for a month?

becoming pregnant will delay you period for 9 months. Good luck

Can Escitalopram delay your period?




Does eating guava delay period?

No, eating guava does not delay your period. Menstruation is determined by your menstrual cycle, eating certain things cannot delay your menstrual cycle. The only way to delay your period is with hormonal medications or hormonal birth control.

What can delay your period?

Almost anything can delay your period; stress, pregnancy, lack of needed vitamins or sleep, and sex.

Can taking oral metronidazole delay your period?

Yes it can delay the periods

If your bf popped your cherry all the way through does your period delay?

Your period should not usually delay unless you are pregnant.

Does not drinking water stop your period?

No. Drinking water does not stop your period, but, you can delay your period by being really active for a day. This will delay your period for about 3 days or so.