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DO NOT ATTMEPT TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Q: Can cs seamless pipe use as a gun barrel?
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Where can I trade my break barrel pellet gun for a pcp air gun?

You can't. You will have to sell your old air gun, then use the money towards a new PCP air rifle.

How do you remove barrel on high standard supermatic shotgun?

To remove barrel, first disassemble gun. Remove magazine by inserting a 1/4" dia punch in the hole in the magazine and unscrew. Now the hard part. Unscrew the action from the barrel. You will need a special barrel vice and a special action wrench to do this - if you don't want to bugger up the barrel and action. The barrel vice needs to accomodate the rib (if installed). It needs to use custom made wooden jaws (for each different barrel). Use rosin on wooden jaws to increase friction. These tools are usually only economical to make if you are in the gun repair business.

How can you tell the age of a beretta shot gun?

By the serial number and features. Dismantle the gun and on the end of the barrel at the stock end is a small square with two letters in it. Go to and you will be able to use this to find the date of the gun. Look under the 'Italy' column.

When was the Colt 1917 45acp revolver serial?

The Colt 1917 45 ACP revolver serial is most likely located under the barrel or beneath the grips on the gun. This gun was manufactured in the early to mid 1900s for military use. The gun's serial number gives you an idea of when exactly the gun was made.

Is a BKA 98 pistol a real gun?

no! the bka 98 is just for look at, you don't use it ! --- i don't agree i have one that has been used in the civil war, and still has gun powder resuidue in both the barrel and chambers

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Can be use Seamless pipe in steam boiler?

Yes as seamless is always better

What is the difference between hot finish seamless pipe and cold drawn seamless pipe?

A cold drawn seamless pipe has better dimensional tolerance, a higher surface finish and better mechanical properties than an equivalent hot finish seamless pipe. For applications that can make use of the thinner pipe walls and closer tolerances, a cold drawn seamless pipe is the better option.

Do you need an ion barrel to use the gun?


How do use shields on tanks?

The gun shield on a tank is the place where the barrel of the weapon enters the turret from the outside. It elevates with the gun tube (barrel).

How do you use a squeegee on a paintball gun?

You put it through the barrel.

Can you use 68 caliber paintballs on a 50 caliber gun?

No. They will be too large to fit in the gun or be fired out of the barrel.

Can you use spray paint on a gun barrel?

probabaly i guess u could

How do you get a replacement Nerf longshot barrel?

You can use the N-strike Recon CS-6 barrel (good gun, I recommend it)

How do you date Remington sportsman shot gun by serial no?

You don't, you use the barrel code. If you don't have the original barrel you can try calling Remington.

Can you use any paintball barrel brand on any paintball gun?

No you can't. almost every different manufacturer uses different types of threading on their barrels. Be sure to check and make sure your barrel is compatible with your gun before buying. Sometimes you can buy small adaptors for the base of your barrel that have one kind of threading on one end, and another kind on the other, so that you can use a barrel that wasn't made for your gun.

What slugs do you shoot out of rifled barrell?

a slug is normally use in a shot gun and they are not rifled a gun with a rifled barrel should shoot a Shell that is the same caliber as the gun.

How do you remove oil from gun barrel?

Use a cloth swab threaded through the tip of a gun cleaning rod and swipe it through the barrel. Then take a clean one and do it again until all the oil is removed.

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