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yes it son is 1 month old with little red marks on his face from where ever my milk touches him. he gets frustrated when it catches him and he has red bumps all along his neck, chest and upper back. still trying to find out the reason for this. i end up pumping because of frustration o both of us.

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Q: Can breastmilk burn your baby face?
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Is it normal to leak breastmilk at 32 weeks pregnant?

Yes. However your breasts are leaking Colostrum or pre-milk and not breastmilk. Breastmilk doesn't arrive until a day or two after the baby is born.

What happens when you feed your baby other people's breast milk?

Breastmilk from any source will be a good source of nutrition. Breastmilk is often donated to hospitals and breastfeeding clinics to assist people who are unable to produce breastmilk.

Why is there a nipple on breast?

So the breastmilk can come out so the baby can feed.

Does cocaine effect your breastmilk?

Absolutely. Anything that can be absorbed into your bloodstream can affect the process of creating breastmilk. Your baby will be sucking milk and cocaine - is this what you really want?

Do you feed your baby threw your bellybutton?

No. You feed it breastmilk through your nipple. Alternatively, you can feed it from a bottle.

Is breastmilk sterile and what does that mean?

Breastmilk is not sterile, as it can contain some bacteria and other microorganisms. When we say a substance is sterile, it means that it is free from any living microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Breastmilk contains beneficial microorganisms that help support the baby's developing immune system.

Can a baby produce breastmilk?

Just a little bit. It's not uncommon. The old nickname for the phenomenon was "witch's milk."

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Is soy milk not as filling as regular formula for my 6 week old?

You should never feed your baby soy milk. It is not the same as infant formula or breastmilk. It will not supply the same nutrients and calories to your baby, and your baby could become severely malnourished if fed soy milk.However, infant formula made from soy is perfectly acceptable as long as your baby is not allergic or sensitive to soy. It is not as healthful as breastmilk, but it will suffice.

What is the cause for constipation in breastfeed infants?

In General? Baby formula. Breastmilk contains a component which softens stools preventing constipation.

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