Can boys be a majorette

Updated: 9/28/2023
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YESSSS! In fact, more guys should be cheerleaders! Guys are great in both stunting and tumbling, and really add to the teams abilities! If you are a guy and debating joining, DO IT! (Plus, girls LOVE guy cheerleaders! :P)

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A boy can most definitely be a majorette. Some of the best majorettes in the world are boys. No sports are specified to one gender. Anyone of any sex can do anything.

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helloย  ย when Iwas 16ย  ย I love to see the majorettes at the paradeand thinking of becomming one with he uniform, lke a an adolescentgirl. the girls were wearing a top blue and white pleated shirt,we were in the late 6os

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Q: Can boys be a majorette
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