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No But if your pregnant it is completly hazardus to be around bleach because the smell will cause your body to fuction differently and it will eventually kill the baby . Thats just like drinking liquor when your pregnant

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Q: Can bleach stop pregnancy
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Did they stop dubbing bleach?

They won't stop dubbing bleach until the last episode that they have to do.

If you do the pregnancy test using bleach and it fizzes like a flat drink does that still indicate pregnancy?


Does bleach stop water spotting?

No it does not.

How to stop bleach from bleaching?

You can't

Is it ok to bleach your face during early months of pregnancy?

i wouldn't

What can you drink to prevent pregnancy after he has ejaculated inside?

Bleach usually works.

Can you take birth controle 5 days after sex to stop pregnancy?

No, it will not stop pregnancy after intercourse!

How do you stop 15 days pregnancy?

The only way you can stop a pregnancy after 15 days is abortion.

Will pregNancy stop pills stop pregnancy?

I'm sorry but I can not find anything about any pills called PregNancy stop pills. Please check for the name of the medicine again.

Can 1 you-pill stop pregnancy?

No the morning after pill can't hurt or stop a pregnancy. Just prevent.

If you pee in bleach and it foam up does that mean your pregnant?

No, that is not an accurate way to test for pregnancy. There is no chemical in urine present during pregnancy that would react with bleach and cause it to foam. Human urine in general most likely could cause a slight reaction with bleach because of the ammonia and other chemicals, but this is in no way related to whether a woman is pregnant or not. The only way to test for pregnancy at home is to use a home pregnancy test. The most accurate option is of course, to have a blood test done to confirm pregnancy.

Can you stop pregnancy when you urine?