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No it does not.

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Q: Can birth control shots prevent you from having children in the future?
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Has Stephanie March been having abortions to prevent having Bobby Flay's children?

Why would she? the pair are happy and married for 8 years. she is a great step mom but doesn't want kids yet... she enjoys her drinks! but in the future it will change. And she is most likely using birth control to prevent pregnancy and not aborting. Or she simply can not get pregnant.

Does Mirena stop your body from having more kids?

Only when you use it, like all birth control. Birth control is to prevent pregnancy while you are using it, it does not make you sterile for all future.

Does tarja turunen have children?

no, but she's planning on having some children in the future

Can cancers cells prevent you from having children?

Yes, cancer cells can prevent a person from having children. If there are cancer cells present in reproductive organs, a doctor will want to get the cancer taken care of before you become pregnant.

What is the main reason for good posture?

To prevent having arthritis, a bad back or a hunch back in the future.

What form of contraception prevents a person from having any biological children in the future?

vasectomy :)

Does Amy lee want to have any children in the future?

While Lee does like children,she has not stated if she plans on having any.

What provents pregnance?

not having sex is the only way to completely prevent it. condoms are about 99%, birth control pill is about 99%. there are many forms of birth control. but the only way to prevent it 100% is to not have sex.

Can a man with rh o neg blood have children?

Yes, the blood type of a person does not prevent a person from having children. Having O negative blood will not prevent a man from having children. The only issue comes when an RH Positive man tries to have children with an RH Negative woman. This causes problems, due to subsequent rejection reactions by the mother, but they can be handled if they are known in advance. Talk to your doctor.

Planning is looking ahed and control is looking back comment?

I disagree. Planning is indeed looking ahead, but control is looking at the present (not the past) and having some influence on how the present will behave in the future. Control is having a feedback loop, where the current status of the system will cause actions that will influence the future state of the system.

Will going on the pill after your first peroid after having Depo-Provera take you longer to conceive in the future?

The birth control pill is meant to prevent pregnancy. Going on the pill after stopping Depo Provera will reduce the risk of pregnancy while you're on it.

Can women who are Rh negative only have one child?

Blood type does not prevent people from having children.