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== == I totally agree with the last persons answer. I'm 17 years old and I've allways had lots of energy. After I started taking birth controll I couldent seem to get enough sleep. Depending on the person and the pill, they can definitely make you tired, you can even ask your gynecologist. I have had great energy my whole life until 3 years ago when I went on the pill. I am a very healthy person who exercises daily, doesn't smoke or drink, however, I am exhausted 24/7 and I know it is because of the bc and its effects on my estrogen levels and therefore my energy.

I'll add the same thought to that- the week I went on birth control I thought I was coming down with mono. I was exhausted non-stop and no matter how many hours a night I was getting of sleep, throughout the day I needed to take naps and rely on energy drinks. I'm currently on Orthotricyclin Low if that helps. Perhaps this brand is known for this side effect.

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Q: Can birth control pills make you tired?
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