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There are many different forms of Birth Control, but if you're talking exclusively about hormonal birth control such as combination pill, mini pill, or ring then they don't so much 'mess up' your period as stop it all together.

Menstruation is part of the menstrual cycle/reproductive cycle, a domino effect of hormonal changes between the brain and reproductive organs over the space of 28 days on average. Menstruation occurs roughly two weeks after ovulation, if the egg released is not fertilised it triggers the break-down in the uterus lining design to support a fertilised egg.

Hormonal birth control such as the combination pills works to suppress the menstrual cycle/reproductive cycle in order to prevent ovulation (it also effects cervical mucus and prevents uterus lining becoming as thick) - as a woman doesn't ovulate while on hormonal birth control it means she doesn't menstruate. The bleeding women get while on the pill is a withdrawal bleed caused by the drop in hormones when going from the active to inactive/placeo pills, this is meant to mimic menstration but is not the same thing.

During the first three months on a new hormonal birth control some irregular bleeding is normal as the body adjusts from having a menstrual cycle to this synthetic pattern of withdrawal bleeds. Irregular bleeding can be a common side-effect of hormonal birth control, if it continues after three months it is best to discuss this with a doctor to consider switching to another brand or form of birth control without this side-effect.

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Q: Can birth control mess up your period?
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Can your birth control pill mess up your period?

maybe. you should talk to your doctor.

You took a birth control pill by mistake will it mess my period up?

If you took your birth control pills late, it is very likely that your cycle will be disrupted, however, I would still be aware of my body and do a pregnancy test.

Can birth control mess up while taking it?


If you start using birth control on the Monday after your cycle will it still be effective?

birth control becomes effective after the first month of use. So you would begin the pill after your period, use up a pack, get your period and then you are protected. everytime after that, you have nothing to worry about unless you mess up on your pills.

Can skipping the inactive week in a birth control package to skip a period mess up the cycle?

Yes, some women will experience irregular bleeding if they try that.

Is it okay to remain taking the active birth control pill and never have your period?

Yes, but don't it more than twice in a row. It could mess you up if you do.

Does your periods mess up when you change birth control pills in the middle of the month?

generally yes

Can you start your birth control pill cycle three days after you finish your period instead of a Sunday?

You can but this will mess up your cycle and you wont be protected fully. Continue taking your pills as prescribed.

You stopped talking your birth control 5 days before you were supposed to will that mess your period up?

Yes it can. Because when you take birth control, it is all about regulating your hormones and menstrual cycle. This cycle from birth control protects you from pregnancy. Whether you missed two days, or even if you do not take your birth control everyday at the same time, your period can become irregular, and even worse you are increasing your chance of becoming pregnant. If you have had unprotected intercourse within a near time frame of when you stopped taking your birth control, you may have become pregnant, because you did not properly take your pills. This also means indeed it will mess your period up because you may not get one if you have become pregnant. In this situation, you should think about pregnancy more, if you have had unprotected intercourse, because you may have not been completely protected.

Can birth control pills mess up your cycle?

Yes, the birth control pill will mess with your period in that it stops periods.The pill works by suppressing the menstrual cycle so that you do not ovulate, thus in turn you do not menstruate - the bleeding experienced on the pill is a withdrawal bleed caused by the drop in synthetic hormones when going from active to inactive pills or the week break.

Is it bad to take other pills while on the birth control?

it depends on the pills you're taking. ask your doctor, but some pills can mess up birth control and weaken the medicine .

Can stopping the pill 2 months ago mess up your cycle even if you had a period last month?

Yes, even taking birth control for one month can mess up your period for six months. The pill is used to change how your body naturally works. When you take it off and on your body goes crazy because the pill didn't finish the job it started.