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Q: Can being sexually active cause a late period?
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What is wrong if you haven't had a period for a month?

If you are sexually active, perhaps you are pregnant? Or it is very possible that stress, changes in diet or activity will cause your period to delay by as much as a month or 2.

Can I take my birth control pills every other day to delay my period I am on vacation for a month and am not sexually active but I don't want to get my period now?

Taking the pill every other day is most likely going to cause breakthrough bleeding. You should ask your doctor about skipping the "inactive" sugar pills and starting the new packet, the day after finishing the last active pill. This is the way pills are taken to delay your period and will also continue to prevent pregnancy should you become sexually active.

Can yeast infections cause periods to come early or bleeding?

Yes. They can also cause complications that include sterility. See your gynecologist.

HI I am 16 years old I am NOT sexually active and i am about 2 weeks late on my period and i am having cramps but not blood what could this be from?

also, i am afraid that ive been exercising too much and that the exercise is the cause

Im not sexually active but i havent had my period in 5 months?

If you were sexually active 5 months ago, your pregnant. Congratulations. Otherwise, you could be too underweight or overweight. Your body needs to have a healthy amount of fat reserves in order to release an egg so that both of you can survive, and too much can cause problems. Either way, try eating a little healthier.

Can working abdominals cause ejacultation?

exercising a lot does cause your hormones to be more sexually active so it is possibly but the likelyhood of this happening is very slim

Why would someone menstruate two weeks early?

Stress is high on the list. Swimming. Being into sports. Also if you haven't been sexually active and then become so, this can cause imbalance of hormones and you may miss a period or have two in the same month, or a little spotting, but no real period as you usually do. Premenopausal women can have a period one month and not the next, and, of course when a woman (anywhere from 50 plus) can completely stop menstruating.

You are sexually active and you have tested negative for pregnancy Why are you not having your period?

Could you possibly have an ovarian cyst? A study I read recently attributes irregular cycles to ovarian cysts. Stress from a late cycle will also cause your cycle to be late.

Is it common to skip your period while on birth control?

Usually, skipping a period while on HORMONE birth control happens when someone is sexually active and/or missed a dose. Sometimes, though, hormonal birth control can cause an imbalance and cause a person to skip a period. Get a pregnancy test. If, on the other hand, you were talking about barrier methods, such as condoms or diaphrams, and you skip a period you should get a pregnancy test. Either way, take a pregnancy test.

Why are older people helping young children on this website become sexually active. Have we thrown away all morals?

cause they have no brain

What could cause your period to be a month late if you are not sexually active?

There could be a number of things. A lot of women need to have their period "restarted" by medications occasionally for some reason. Call your doctor and talk to them about what to do. sometimes excessive stress or more exercise than usual could delay or even stop your period. if this happens i suggest calling a doctor

What is the Human Papillomavirus?

Between half to three-quarters of sexually active people acquire HPV at some point.