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Yes, your defiantly pregnant

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Q: Can being real emotional mean your pregnant?
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Can you go to gym if pregnant?

What do you mean by pregnant? do you mean in real life pregnant or in Pokemon

If you have real bad cramps what dose that mean?

you're pregnant

When was Real Emotional Trash created?

Real Emotional Trash was created in 2007-04.

Was Quinns baby from glee real?

I mean, the baby, of course, was real. And yes, the character Quinn was pregnant, but Dianna Agron, who played Quinn was not in fact pregnant.

What do you call an emotional person?

sensitive and real as a human being. and respected for being strong for being able to handle their emotion and of course their feelings. Also to call an emotional person simply emotional or any variation of the word by synonym or abbreviation isn't sufficient because that's the same as calling them emotional. I am answering this question from the view point to find an alternative to calling someone "emotional", as in something to call an emotional person that isn't an "emotional person". Exactly as in the question what do you call in an emotional person? instead for instance Two words to call an emotional person good influence .

How do you know your real?

as long as you're not an emotional blackmale your real ;)

Do sore breasts and being real emotional sound like signs of pregnancy?

If this is not a normal sign before your period this could be pregnancy signs. Are you trying to get pregnant? both times i got pregnant i had sore brest and knew i was pregnate before my period was due by a few days because i was very emotional and had boobs that hurt to touch, so it sound sliek a good sign to me. althoguh each person may experiece different symptoms.

Is Alice Cullen pregnant?

no she carnt get preganat shes a vamp but if you mean in real no shes not.

Are nightmares real?

Nightmares are "real" in the sense that everyone experiences nightmares and they cause real emotional distress and disturb sleep. Nightmares are NOT "real" in the sense of being factual or being manifest in the dreamer's waking life. Like other dreams, nightmares are imaginary fantasies created by the mind.

What does it mean when you dream of blood in your tears?

The dream provides a picture of your emotional pain. There are times when emotional pain can be so real that it seems it should be visible in some way. So in this dream, your subconscious mind provides an image of the bleeding that would accompany a physical wound, confirming your sense of being wounded.

What does it mean to dream your ex in a distance?

The distant view in the dream represents increasing emotional detachment or "distance" from the ex in real life.

What does it mean when you have a dream that you pregnant and its the same dream then you find out you are pregnant?

Dreams are affected by the condition of the body, particularly changes in hormone levels. So if you dreamed of being pregnant, then discovered that you are pregnant in real life, it simply means that your subconscious mind was affected by the changing hormones of your pregnancy, and placed that awareness in your dreams. There is nothing magical or supernatural about the dream.

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