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Q: Can athletes drink more without getting drunk?
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How can you drink more alcohol without getting drunk?

Drink odols

How many beers do you have to drink without getting drunk to be known as a champion?


Can you over drink beer?

Yes.It is called getting drunk.

Why does you drink alcohal?

we binge drink with the primary intention of getting intoxicated or drunk.

What is the past for the drink?

drunk drink / drank / drunk

What juice to drink to increase libido?

any, as long as its getting you drunk. just do not get too drunk because you wil not be able to function properly.

Can you drink alcohol while on Roxithromycin?

yes, getting drunk will help the healing process of this drug

What do you need to drink if i am drunk?

I don't need to drink if you are drunk. You should drink water.

What drug to take so not to get drunk?

There is no drug that will prevent you from getting drunk if you over-indulge in drinking alcohol. The only solution is to drink in moderation or not at all.

Do athletes get drunk quicker than others?

In far advanced stages of the disease, when the liver is no longer functioning well, it is possible. Generally speaking, however, alcoholics can drink more than than non-alcoholics without showing it. That does not mean they are not drunk, but simply that they hide it better. No, every drink in the blood BAC is equal to 0.025%. Intoxication begins at 0.08% the liver illuminates 1 drink per hour.

Are parents more better role models than athletes?

Yes, well if the athletie is not going out and getting Drunk and doing bad stuffs

Do you always get a hangover after getting drunk?

After every time you drink you do not get a hangover. If you are able to control the amount you drink you will be able to control how you act afterward.