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Yes, especially if you have been convicted of a crime against a family member/ domestic partner.

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Q: Can assault and battery keep you from getting a gun?
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What is the crime committed if a Person was kick and gun point at him?

Depends on the penal code where it happened. Could be assault, assault and battery, battery, attempted manslaughter, attempted murder, simple assault, aggravated assault, assualt against a minor, etc..

What can you be charged with for shooting someone with an airsoft gun in the state of Indiana?

Assault and battery would be the basic charges.

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What crime is committed when a person hits someone in the head with a gun?

Yes, it is very possible. In many cases, this would be felony assault (more technically battery). But the sentence, especially if a first offense, might not include time in prison.

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Can you get your gun rights back with a partner family member assault?


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