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Eclipse Gun Co., Belgium Made a twist double barrel Patent 4883c6 - Dec R 20, 1892. Eclipse Giant - double exterior hammers

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Q: Can anyone tell me about a 1896 Eclipse Gun Co Shotgun I have a grandparent with a 1896 Eclipse Gun Co. 12 ga. double barrel shotgun. It's serial number is 27513 and it was made in Belgium?
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What is the value of an 1892 Eclipse Meteor Belgium Doubel Barrel 20 Ga Shotgun?

To determine the exact value of a 1892 Eclipse Meteor Belgium double barrel 20 gauge shotgun a number of factors would need to be taken into consideration. Most importantly, the condition of the shotgun.

What is a Belgium Browning 22 Shotgun worth?

No such thing as a 22 Shotgun.

What is value of eclipse gun co belgium 7212 12 gauge shotgun patent number 488368?


Where can you get hammers for an Eclipse Giant Shotgun made in Belgium?

Keep doing internet searches. Try the they may have something

What is the value of an eclipse gun co double barrel 12 gauge shotgun Belgium patent 488366 DE CB 20 1892?


I have a Winchester 12 gauge shotgun special steel gold handle Possibe number G36163 made in Belgium What is the value of this shotgun?

Winchester did not make firearms in Belgium

How old is Belgium x35569 16 shotgun?

If we are talking about a Browning auto-5 shotgun in 16 gauge?Then the serial number that you provided indicates that your shotgun was made in the year 1950.

Where is browning gold shotgun made?

Japan, Portugal and Belgium

Where is the serial number on Belgium shotgun?

Check the barrel and receiver

What is a browning belgium shotgun model 15505?

No such model number.

What Model is your Browning 12ga auto shotgun serial 203138?

Being that you said auto shotgun,then you have the Browning auto-5 shotgun that was made by FN in Belgium from 1903-1975.Your serial number indicates that your Shotgun was made in the year 1938.

When was browning a5 shotgun with serial number 70s99167 made?

Your Browning auto-5 shotgun with the prefix of 70s to the serial number identifies that your shotgun was made in Belgium for Browning in the year 1970.

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