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Yes and it can cause serious problems if you become pregnant while the IUD is in place.

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2009-04-21 03:52:07
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Q: Can an egg be fertilized using an IUD?
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Why do people have ethical objections to the use of IUD and ius?

IUD allows the egg to be fertilized and then stops it from developing in the womb. As it is fertilized many people class it as a life, and so it is like having an abortion each month.

What do Intrauterine devices do?

An IUD prevents the fertilized egg from implanting in the lining of the uterus, and may have other effects as well

How does the IUD work?

IUD sits in the uterus and prevents implantation of a fertilized egg.It thickens the cervical mucus, It changes the lining of the uterus, and It lessens the likelihood of ovulationall of the above !!!!!!!No, the IUD does not work by causing abortion. It affect the ability of sperm to get to the egg.

What does 'fertilized egg cell' mean?

A fertilized egg cell is when a sperm enters an egg. The result is a fertilized egg cell, or a zygote.

Why is it necessary for an egg to be fertilized?

It is necessary for an egg to be fertilized so the egg can hatch.

When a sperm unites with an egg what is the fertilized egg?

The fertilized egg is called a zygote.

How does an IUD work?

The copper IUD interferes with sperm's ability to fertilize an egg. The progestin-containing IUD makes it difficult for sperm to get to the egg.

You want to get pregnant with out removing your IUD is this possible?

I am sure it is slightly possible but getting pregnant while having a IUD is a terrible idea. Most of the time a pregnancy while using IUD is an ectopic pregnancy which is when the fertilized egg is not in the uterus, this can cause death and the baby will not survive. If you by miracle got pregnant and it was not ectopic the baby can still be severely harmed so you must see a doctor ASAP.

Is it true that if you do get pregnant on the IUD the doctor will abort it because the IUD is in there?

It depends on the IUD. It is possible to get pregnant, although rare. But, no medical procedure will ever be performed on you without your consent. So, while the doctor may recommend abortion for your health if you want to take the risk and keep the pregnancy you can. However, the IUD will have to be removed and that may cause a spontaneous miscarriage. There are brands of IUD that also contain hormones like the birth control pill that will make pregnancy even more unlikely and you might feel more comfortable using one of those. Pregnancy with an IUD is rare but it happens. You will not be aborted if you get pregnant with it in unless you wish to be. If the doctor can see the strings and the IUD comes out easily it may be removed, otherwise it will be left. My cousin got pregnant with one in and it fell out the day after she had her perfect baby girl. There are also two responses concerning how the IUD prevents pregnancy: * The two below answers have *some* decent information re: the thinning of the uterine lining, etc. HOWEVER: one is not considered "pregnant" until a fertilized egg actually implants. Therefore all this bs-ing about "early abortions" and the evil birth control companies is just that. BS. Many times, fertilized eggs are flushed out of the body as a period completely unnoticed. If you feel like sperm-meets-egg is indeed the beginning of life, by all means go with one of the forms of birth control listed below. They are fine. But BCP and IUD/IUC are some of the most effective options for birth control, and shouldn't be thrown out of consideration for fear that they abort a pregnancy, because they don't. They prevent pregnancy; that's why they are called contraceptives.* Yes it is true, depending on your definition of pregnancy. I believe a fertilized egg constitutes the beginning of a pregnancy. Rarely, an egg can become fertilized while using an IUD. At that point, an IUD's third method of birth control is to thin the lining of the uterus so that the fertilized egg cannot implant. This is, to many, considered a very early abortion. It is not known how often this happens while using an IUD or the pill, but it does happen. It is thought these "early abortions" occur more frequently with progesterone only IUD's or pills as opposed to those containing both progesterone and estrogen. Not very many people are aware that this happens, and that's what birth control companies like so that they can continue to sell birth control widely. If you want to have a clear concience, use another method like condoms, female condoms, spermicides, or judging your monthly cycle. * Yes. They thought the IUD made it impossible for a fertilized egg to implant itself but instead it makes the egg disintegrate. To me it seems that anytime you have a fertilized egg and something happens to it, then it is a form of abortion. To me it seems that making it "impossible for the fertilized egg to implant itself" and making it "disintegrate" are basically the same thing but I'm no doctor.

Is a fertilized egg a zygote?

Yes, a zygote is a fertilized egg.

Is A zygote is a fertilized egg.?

Yes, a zygote is a fertilized egg.

Will a home pregnancy test work properly with an IUD?

Yes. The IUD (intrauterine device) is inserted into the vagina, at the cervix where the sperm travels to fertilize the egg. The IUD blocks the sperm, preventing the egg from being fertilized. A home pregnancy test uses urine, which passes through the urethra, so it is in no way affected by the IUD. With most home pregnancy tests, the woman simply urinates on the test stick, so there is no way an IUD can interfere with the results of the test.

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