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Yes, why not!

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Q: Can an average boy love beautiful girl?
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What does that mean when a boy says a girl is beautiful?

It means the boy thinks the girl is beautiful.

Is the girl from Sean Kingston's beautiful girl video really a boy?

a boy

What if you are a country boy and you love a girl that doesn't like me and I want her to like me?

Well then if i am a country boy and i love a girl that doesnt like you ill say well howdy there beautiful no need to be around these people you hate why dont you come with me.

Whose love is greater boy or girl?

It depends whether the boy is the type of boy to love largely and whether the girl is the type of girl to love largely. But the main dependant is: whether they are really in love and how deeply in love they are....!

What if a girl is in love with a boy and the boy is in love with another girl?

That sounds too much like a movie. Well the girl is in love with a boy. But the boy is in love with another girl. If I were the girl, no matter how much it hurt, if I loved him enough I'd want what was the best for him. And for him to be happy. I'd let him go and be happy with the other girl.

What is jacinta?

it is a flower and it is a beautiful name for a girl NOT for a boy

What is the plot of all for love drama?

Boy falls in love with girl, girl does not love him back, girl loves other guy, boy fights with other guy, boy and girl end up being married.

When is a girl in love whit a boy?

When they love them.

How can a boy will impress a beautiful girl?

Call her beautiful yourself and make her smile and laugh . :)


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How do you say your soo beautiful in spanish?

depends whether its a boy or girl if its a girl eres guapisima if its a boy eres guapisimo :)

What does charleigh mean?

it is a gorgeous , beautiful name for a boy or a girl.