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if its a Pokemon gun yes

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Q: Can an air gun kill a turkey with a body shot?
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Can a bullet shot in the air kill someone?


Can the sheridan C9A air rifle shoot small animanls with a high kill ratio?

Yes a C9a can be used to kill small game. The kill ratio is up to you and how good a shot you are. The best shot is a head shot with hunting pellets for a quick kill.

Can a air rifle kill a fox with a head shot?

no it is extremely unlikely that is possible

Will an air rifle kill a cat with a head shot?

Yes but it may be unlawful.

When preparing to give a shot why is the first bubble of air allowed to escape from the needle before the shot is administered?

Because it is better not to inject air into the blood stream. enough air will kill you.

If you shot a bullet in to the air could the bullet kill you on its way down?

Yes, it could, or it could kill someone else.

Can you kill a pheasant sized bird with an air gun with a body shot?

Yes But I suggest you use a heavy hollow point pellets and the caliber be at least .20 not .177. BB's are not made for hunting.

Would a air pistol kill you if shot up nose?

YES! or cause other brain damage.

Could a bullet shot straight in the air come down and kill someone?

Yes. It has happened before.

Can a 22 cal 5.5 mm air pellet gun kill you if you're shot in the head?

Yes it is possible. Modern Airguns have that capability.

Can a 22 cal air rifle kill a wild pig at 950 fps?

Yes. But you had best hit it in the head and use a heavy pellet (Pellets come in different weights). Also use hunting (Hollow point ) pellets. Be repaired to give it a second shot as the kill shot.

Can you kill someone with air?

yes. compressed air because it has a lot of chemicals in it. But the only way this happens is if someone has a open cut or scrape on their body.