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No. Enjoy being a kid. There's no point to a relationship or even dating till you're at least 16. That's when most kids are mature enough and actually use their brains.

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Q: Can an 8 year old date?
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Can a 8 year old date China Anne McClain?

She's 14 so there's no problem, so an 8 year old can date her but doesn't mean should would date the 8 year old.

How do you get a girl to date a 8 year old?

You don't. It is illegal to date a child of 8 years old or a 8 year old to date anyone. The age of consent is 16 in most states and 18 in others.

Will a 14 year old date a 8 year old?

No. Both are minors and at 14 he/she can be charged with sexual abuse of the 8 year old.

Will ray ray date a 8 year old?


Is it wrong for a 8 year old to date a 12 year old?

Not really When i was 12 my girlfriend's cousin was 8 and she dated me....

Can a 8 year old go out with a 7 year old?

No. Both are minor children and it is illegal to date at 8 and 7 years old.

Will joe Jonas date an eight year old?

I'm not saying it is impossible but I doubt he would date an 8 year old. no offense 8 year olds. Plus he already has a girlfriend named Camilla Belle.

Can you date a 15 year old girl if im 8?

No. You are 8 and a child. A 15 year old is not interested in you for a dating. She wants someone her age or older. Go outside and play. Quit thinking about dating at 8 years old. You have 8 years before you can date.

Can you date an 8 year old when you are twelve?

No, both of you are too young.

Would jaden smith date a 8 year old?


Can an 8 year old go out with a 10 year old?

It depends entirely on what you mean by "go out with." Hang out? Sure. Date? No.

Why can't an 8 year old date a 10 year old?

Because at that age, they have no concept of relationships, emotions or responsibility.