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Yes of coarse and there is nothing wrong with it. i know I had a boyfriend when i was 11 years old. Good luck! How does an 11 year old get a boyfriend?

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Q: Can an 11 year old girl get a boyfriend?
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How do you tell if an 11 year old girl has a boyfriend?

You ask

Should an 11-year-old girl be depressed about not having a boyfriend?

Uh, no?

What does a 11 year old girl do when her boyfriend fancies her best friend?

realize he isn't a good boyfriend and dump him

Does it matter if an 11-year-old girl has a 7-year-old boyfriend?

Yes that matters that is really bad. tht is realllllly sad...

Should a ten year old girl have an eleven year old boyfriend or should she not have a boyfriend at all?

Coming from i 13 year old i strongly disagree, i had my first boyfriend when i was 11 through out my years with him a felt for once i had a more lively

Is an 11 year old girl too young to have a boyfriend?

There is no reason why an 11 year old girl could not have a friend who is a boy, but 11 is certainly too young for a sexual relationship.ofcourse its too could end up real bad.

What if your a 11 year old girl how do you find a boyfriend?

If you are 11, you don't need a boyfriend. Concentrate in school, friends, sports, etc. Having a boyfriend is not a big deal, instead it is a headache and pure drama.

Can a 11 year old have a boyfriend?

It depends. It depends how mature you are. Also how much the girl likes the boy and how much the boy likes the girl.

How can a 11-year-old-boy ask out a 12-year-old-girl on a date?

just simply ask her if she would ever give you a chance for you to be her boyfriend and go on from there

Is it okay for a 11 year old to have a boyfriend?

of course it is

When your 11 year old boyfriend says his heart is to someone else's does it mean he likes his girlfriend?

He is telling you that he likes another girl.

What does 11 year old boy like about 11 year old girl?