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Woman normally gets pregnant on the day 14, if the periods of 28 days duration. On the day 16, if the period are of 30 days duration. That is you get the period after 14 days of ovulation in normal course. That is rare to get pregnancy just after period. But it is possible to get pregnancy just after the period.

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Q: Can a woman gets pregnant after menstruation period?
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When should awoman get pregnant before or after menstruation period?

a woman shoul be able to get preganant when she is ovulation, she will usually start to ovulate a few days after her period. when a woman gets her period, it means that her egg was not fertilised.

Are you going to get your period if you have menstruation?

Yes ,A woman gets her menstrual period or MENSTRATION every month... :)

Can a woman get pregnant if she has her period?

If she gets her period, then she isn't pregnant. If you have sex while she is on her period then there is a chance she will get pregnant.

Can a woman gets pregnant 15 days after the end date of her menstruation?

Yes, but it depends on when she ovulates.

Can a woman get her normal period 8 or 9 days after conception?

If a woman gets her period it is unlikely that she is pregnant

What happens when a woman gets pregnant?

When a woman gets pregnant she loses her period for 9 months and carries around a baby for 9 get emotional and hormonal...

Is there olny on day in a month that a woman can get pregnant?

I think a woman gets pregnant through her period (monthly), which may last about a week.

What happens to the fetus of a woman who aborts pregnancy and gets pregnant again without waiting for her next menstruation?

There is no special risk from getting pregnant immediately after an abortion.

Could you be pregnant when if your period still comes on?

Well it has never been reported that a pregnant woman still gets a period so i think not my dear!

How menstruation occur?

Menstruation occurs usually every 28days. A woman releases an egg from one of her ovarys and it travels through the fallopian tubes and waits to be fertilised by the male sperm. If this doesnt occur the uterus sheds its lining, and that's how a woman/girl gets her "monthly period" (menstruation)i hope this was helpful.

Can you ovulate befour you get your period?

Yes, ovulation always comes before menstruation. Menstruation is what happens if you ovulate but don't get pregnant, the uterus gets ready for potential pregnancy and if that doesn't happen then it sheds ready for the next cycle.

Is a woman's period her ovulation?

I looked it up on wikipedia, and they gave me this long definition. I'm going to put it in simple terms. Ovulation is when a woman is on her period, has sex, and gets pregnant.

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