Can a woman get pregnant on a 23 day cycle?

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Woman can always get pregnant unless if she or her partner is sterile. It's during the beginning of the cycle and end of the cycle that the chances of becoming pregnant skyrocket.

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Q: Can a woman get pregnant on a 23 day cycle?
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Can a woman who goes to menstruation after 23 days get pregnant 7 days after her period ends?

All women ovulate exactly 2 weeks before their period begins. That is 14 days. A 23 day cycle-14 days back to your ovulation=9. The 9th day of your cycle would have been when you ovulated, and unless you have a 2-4 day period then it wouldn't be most likely to get pregnant 7 days after your period.

What age is it best for a woman to get pregnant?

I have read that the optimal age is 23.

How many days after your period can you get pregnant between a 23-35 days cycle?

Generally day 14 is prime time. Yours might be between 14-20.

Is it normal to have a 23 day menstrual cycle?

Yes. Don't worry

Can a 15 year old boy get a 23 year old woman pregnant?

Yes. On top of getting pregnant, the 23 yo woman would get arrested for Statuatory Rape of the 15 yo boy (even the sex was consensual).

Can horses get pregnant if they are 23 years old?

Yes... but I don't suggest it. because if your mare is 23 years old its like trying to get a 68 year old woman pregnant.

What day would conception be if baby was due august 20TH 1985 but born the 27TH of august 1985?

It all depends on a woman's cycle. Is she is in a 28 day cycle, a 30 day cycle, a 23 day cycle. Also depeneds if the baby was a full term baby. You can conceive and have a baby in 7 months to 9 months. Some cases even less time. So there's many factors missing to give an answer.

When is the best time to conceive in a 23 days cycle?

You can count backwards 14 days and that is the time of ovulation. When you have a short cycle like this you ovulate around day 9 instead of day 14 as typical with a woman with a 28 day cycle. Get an average if you can of the past 6 months to see if all the cycles are the same. If they are than you can plan intercourse for the day before or of ovulation for the best chance of conceiving.

If a woman is 23 and gets pregnant by a 17 year old is that legal?

Depends on the parents of the 17 year old. If they press charges or not.

How many calories should a 23 year old woman consume?

About 2,000 calories a day.

How many calories should a 23 year old woman have daily?

About 1,800 calories a day.

You are 23 yrs old you have fairly regular cycle but its been 3 months this time since you have last had your periods what can be the cause?

Are you sure you're not pregnant?

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