Can a white woman have a black child?

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2016-04-19 19:30:19

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Yes, if the father is Black, though her child would be half Black.

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2016-04-19 19:30:19
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Q: Can a white woman have a black child?
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Can a white women give birth to a black child?

Yes,a white woman can give birth to a black child.

Can a black man and a white woman have a child?


If a White woman breeds with a black man and they have a child the child would be half black but how much black blood runs through the white womans veins?

* none

White woman has a baby boy for black man could the baby look white?

no because white +black =mix child if you ever have any

If a white woman has a baby with a black man is the child white or black?

In this country, if the baby has a drop of "color" in it.... the child is looked upon, treated as, and is considered to be black. Its called the one drop rule.

What is a child of a black woman and white man?

It all depends on the genes of the two parents. The child would be bi-racial.

What are the chances if your father is black and mother is white that you will have a black child with a white boy?

25%--genes are half of each parent. She's 50% black 50% white. Her child's skintone is based on how many genes of each pool she gives to her child. She'd end up with a lighter persuasion most likely. Another very interesting fact for example: a black male & a white woman can have a child that looks basically 100% white. The 'white' child can grow up & mate with another white child and a small possibility exsists that they could have a pretty dark skinned (basically black) mulatto child.

How can a black mother not have a white child but a white mother can?

A black mother will have a child who at the very least will be 50% black.

Is Emma Watson the woman in black?

Not in the Daniel Radcliffe movie (The Woman in Black, 2012). Liz White is the woman in black.

Was Teena Marie a black woman?

No, Teena Marie was not a black woman. She was white (Caucasian).

In the KKK time was it black or white people who were against black's and white's?

It was both but mostly white and some black people were against it because the white people would kill a black man or mabye woman if they were caught with a white man/woman

What is a mixed child in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'?

A mixed child is what results when a black and a white person have a baby. Not black or white - mixed.

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