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yes because they dont noe

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Q: Can a straight person go out with someone who is bisexual?
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How do you tell your best friend that you're bisexual?

straight up, that's the way to go..

Is it ok to be bisexual and have a crush on a straight person?

Of course it is, and I am telling you this as I have been married twice to straight women, and even though I am bisexual I didn't cheat on them while we were together. I have been with my male partner now for over twelve years, and the same holds true. Love is love, and if you find a straight person attractive go for them, and be happy. I have no problem using my mind for fantasy, or the computer to check out the other things in life that turn me on.

Is your friend girl bisexual?

Its not up to other people to answer whether or not their friend is bisexual. If you want to know someone's sexuality, just go and ask THAT person. Don't rely on other people. That's how rumors start.

Is actor ice t bisexual?

Yes, and no. he is bisexual. last year he said on his twitter account that "although I love coco, and I choose to be straight, I could go either way if I was not married, and if the right person comes around" he later said he was joking , but you be the judge?

How do you turn someone gay?

It is now known and accepted by most scientists that it is impossible to 'turn' someone gay, and that it has to do with birth and 'nature' as opposed to upbringing and 'nurture'.AnswerImpossible, you can't "turn someone gay", just like it's impossible to turn someone straight like the 'gay to straight ministries'. A farcical concept wherein you either go celibate or you 'pretend' to be straight. Some people have the religious conviction to become celibate, but nobody really changes their sexual orientation.AnswerYou can't. Sexual orientation (gay, straight, bisexual) is determined mostly by genetics. Many straight men experiment with gay sex. According to the Kinsey study, about 30% of men surveyed in the mid-1940's had at least one homosexual experience to orgasm. So it's possible to convince someone to "experiment" and it's possible that a person could be bisexual, but you can't "turn" someone homosexual if they aren't already gay.

Can a straight guy go gay?

The subject on subject on whether a gay guy can go straight is very controversial. There have been cases where a gay man decides to go straight but if they are still interested in men, then they are considered to be bisexual.

Is it OK to not tell everyone you are bisexual if you only stick to one sexuality?

When some young people are maturing they go through hormonal changes that effects their way of thinking and can cause mood swings; questioning their own sexuality and it is wise to wait and mature a little before making up their minds who and what they are. Even some individuals who are 20 and older can question their own sexuality and some feel the need for adventure and may try anything once, but if that person is straight they may well regret experimenting with the same sex. Bisexual seems to be the 'in thing' these days so don't listen to gossip and be someone you are not. If you are straight then act straight and if you are bisexual keep it to yourself and keep it private.

Can a bisexual guy go with a bisexual girl?

Well, think about it. Man- Bisexual, so can have either man or woman. Woman-Bisexual, so can have either man or woman. The man can have a woman. The woman can have a man. Therefore, they can have a "straight" relationship.

Can girls like gay guys?

Possibly, at least over time. Sexuality is more fluid than a lot of people think. However, if someone likes guys and girls, they are usually bisexual. Now a couple of encounters means nothing. If a straight person can be "gay curious," then why can't a gay person be "straight curious?" So yes, a gay person in theory could like a few specific women or go through a "straight phase," but it is not too likely.

Is it a good idea to go out with a bisexual?

There is absolutely no reason to deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy another person's company. Depending on your own sexuality, be it gay or straight, I would always be upfront and honest with that person. If you develop strong romantic feelings towards this person, I'd be very careful because you don't want to get hurt. Many bisexual people can control their atttractions to one gender enough to have a loving and monogamous marriage or relationship. I happen to be gay but am celebate. I personally would not want to date someone who is definitely bisexual as I'm afraid I'd get hurt in the end. It really depends on the parties involved. But if you are only looking strictly for friendship, then I see nothing wrong in date a bisexual.

How can you help someone know how they feel?

That person should get to know the girl or guy.dont be to straight foreword for the right moment and(make sure that the person is comfortable with you)ask them to go out with you.

Can gay and bisexuals turn straight?

Actually, most of us are bisexual -- at least in the sense that we are capable of sex with both men and women, although we may never act on it. So it's possible for a person to think they're straight until they meet somebody of the same sex and try it and find out they enjoy it, too. But strictly speaking, that's not turning bisexual, it's discovering that you're bisexual.