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Yes, people can fall in love/be attracted to other people regardless of sexual orientation, but the feelings won't necessarily be reciprocated.

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Yes, a straight guy can fall in love with a bisexual girl.

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Q: Can a straight guy fall in love with a bisexual girl?
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Can a straight girl fall in love with a bisexual guy?

Of course she can. The same goes for straight guys falling for bisexual girls. Because he is bisexual, it is likely that he might be attracted to you too. It can happen.

How do you tell if you are not straight but bisexual?

If you fall in love with and is sexually attracted to both genders you are bisexual.

What do you do as a bisexual if you fall in love with a straight man and woman?

to date one or the other just because your bisexual doesnt mean you can't fall in love wit other nonbisexual people

Are you straight if you think that you like boys?

If you are a girl. if you are a boy who falls in love with other boys you are either gay or could be bisexual if you fall for both boys and girls.

Can a straight model fall in love with a gay girl?

anyone can fall in love with anyone no matter what the orientation or gender

Can a straight girl fall in love with a girl it is happenung with me?

It can happen, I mean your hormones could be acting up a little, causing you to 'like' or 'fall in love' with a girl your really close to, or are best friends with. The answer is not to pretend, its to get closer to her, tell her that you love her, Im sure if she's a real friend, she will understand, and accept you. So yeah, A straight girl can fall in love with Another chick! Its called Bisexual, where you like both guys and girls. Or you could just be realizing that you are realizing your emotions/feeling for women. Its Perfectly alright to like the same sex, theres nothing wrong with it.

What if the girl fall with a gay but still her boy friend still love her?

she can always be bisexual its perfectly natural

Do some gay men fall in love with a girl?

Yes. This makes the person bisexual, not gay. Meaning you like both genders.

Can a gay male fall in love with his best straight girl friend if they seem to be complete soulmates?

Absolutely, why not, we are all human and cannot help who we fall in (or out) of love with!

If a girl love you and love another?

If a girl loves you and loves another girl then your basically dating a bisexual

Can A Bisexual girl love a guy?

YES, of course you can.

Is it weird to date a bisexual girl?

No as long as you love her.