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It is possible that saliva can show evidence of pregnancy, but the results would not be %100 accurate. When your saliva is viewed through a microscope it shows crystallized "ferning" patterns when your body releases estrogen (during ovulation and right before your period). Your saliva then returns to "normal" once these stages have passed. (Normal saliva shows up as spotted clear liquid when seen through a microscope.) If your saliva continues to show a ferning pattern it may be a sign of pregnancy due to your body releasing more hormones to support the pregnancy. But not all women show this ferning pattern and not all saliva tests can be considered accurate due to the fact that eating or drinking anything prior to the test can contaminate the samples. (These tests should be done first thing in the AM before brushing teeth, drinking, smoking, etc.) Also, as your body prepares for pregnancy it releases hormones at different times so ferning may not show up every day.

So in short, yes it is possible that your saliva can show that you are pregnant, but saliva ferning test results can be too unreliable to know for sure. A blood test should be done by your doctor before you can really be certain of pregnancy.

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Q: Can a saliva test confirm pregnancy?
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