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Federal law provides that a peace officer can carry a firearm in any state, and retired peace officers that meet certain requirements (mainly weapons qualification) may do so as well. NYC is trying not to comply with the Federal alw on this.

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Q: Can a retired peace officer carry a gun in NY?
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Can you carry weapons after private investigator training?

In states where concealed weapons permits are issued, private investigators can carry weapons (if they have the permit). Also, in some states if you are a retired or active peace officer you can carry a gun with the proper endorsement.

Can a retired policeman carry a gun?


Can a retired police officer carry a concealed gun?

In general, yes, under federal law HR218, a retired officer can carry a gun in any U.S. state.ADDED: HR 218 requires that the retired officer re-qualify with his sidearm once per year to the standards of the agency fom which he he retired or that of his local law enforcement agency.

Is it legal to carry a gun into a bank in Wyoming?

It is legal to carry a firearm into a bank in Wyoming as long as the person is a peace officer or possesses a valid permit to carry a concealed firearm.

Can a Texas peace officer carry a gun in Oklahoma?

If they are not suspended yes as long as they have their badge and id and it has to be holstered according to off duty carrying rules.

How does a retired police officer transport his gun on a flight?

Unloaded, in his checked luggage.

Who can carry a gun on a school bus?

A police officer

What is a good gun length?

Depends of what gun, and for what use. As a retired police officer, I carry a small .38 revolver daily, but would like a much longer shotgun when bird hunting. Please erfine your question, and repost. Sorry-

Who qualifies to carry a gun and how can a person get a permit to carry a gun in Illinois?

Sorry- Illinois has the most restrictive concealed carry laws in the US. Other than occupations such as police officer or armed security officer, you will not get a permit.

What do you need to carry a gun in wv?

Carry how? If you mean carry concealed, you need a Concealed Weapons license, or be a law enforcement officer.

Can a retired federal law enforcement carry a concealed weapon?

It depends. A full time or retired officer can carry anywhere in the U.S. under federal law HR218, but there are some restrictions. The officer must follow (most) local laws of whichever state he or she is in.

Are there any security officer jobs that don't require the possession of a gun?

Yes, there are security officers that do not carry jobs. There are unarmed security officer jobs that do not require possession of a gun.