Can a red ryder shoot pellets?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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No it is not designed to shoot pellets.

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Q: Can a red ryder shoot pellets?
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Are daisy model 1998 air rifle take 177 4.5 pellets?

I believe you are asking about a Daisy Red Ryder. If so then they are designed to shoot BB not pellets.

What do red ryder guns shoot plastic metal?

The classic Red Ryder is a BB gun that shoots metal .177 caliber BBs.

Can a Daisy Red Ryder use lead airgun pellets?

Now I'm not exactly sure, but the answer would probably yes. I'd Google it up some more, but you probably can load them and fire them depending on the size and mass. <><><><> New Answer<><><> NO DO NOT use pellets in a Daisy Red Ryder. The BB rifle is NOT designed to shoot pellets. It will damage the rifle. There is no way to load a pellet into a Red Ryder. The bb's are gravity fed into the breech of the gun and it is sealed making it impossible to do so. Yes there is a way. The original Daisy was loaded by dropping the BB down the barrel. Pellets have a soft lead skirt on them, that is designed to catch the air and force it out of the barrel. If you push it backwards down the barrel it might turn and cause jamming. Do not try to make the rifle shoot something it was NOT designed to do.

What kind of bb gun wanted in the christmas story?

Red Ryder BB gun .

Why can't ralphie have a red ryder bb gun?

It will put out his eye

What is the value for daisy Red Ryder BB model 1938B?

Not telling. You'll shoot your eye out!

Can you use a pellet in a daisy air rifle?

Only if the rifle is designed for pellets. If it is a "Red Ryder" then the answer is NO. Daisy makes PELLET rifles.

Can the daisy powerline 15xt shoot 177 pellets?

No it is not designed to shoot pellets.

How many times does Ralphie say he wants a Red Ryder BB gun in A Christmas Story?

Everyone worries that it might not be safe for him, since it is an actual gun not really a toy. His mother insists that he will "shoot his eye out", when in actuality the worry is that he would shoot something or someone else accidentally.

How fast does a red ryder bb gun shoot?

The 1938B model shoots at 220 Feet Per Second.

Why can't Ralphie have a Red Ryder BB gun in the movie A Christmas Story?

Because his mother is afraid he will "shoot your eye out"

Will a daisy champion 99 shoot pellets?

It's not designed to shoot pellets. Forcing it to do so may jam the barrel.