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Q: Can a real brother make his sister pregnant?
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From Leo little's big show are they really brother and sister?

No They Are Not Brother And Sister In Real Life.

Are Eric benet and Lisa bonet related?

They are brother and sister

What relation is your brother's sister in relation to you?

Real sister, half sister, or step sister

Is Carly and Spencer brother and sister in real?


Is nephew your relative?

It is your sister's or brother's son, your adopted sister's or brother's son or your half sister's or brother's son. That would make you an aunt or uncle.

Was the boy who played Andy and the girl who played Penelope on Little House on the Prairie brother and sister in real life?

no they were not brother and sister in real life

Is pj and teddy are brother and sister?

In the Disney show, Good Luck Charlie the characters PJ and Teddy are brother and sister. The actors are not brother and sister in real life.

What miley real brother and sisetrs names?

hey guys if your wondering whats miley cyrus real brother and sister name most of you think this is not true but brandi and trace are half brother and sister miley noah and trace are all real brothers and sister's

Does mickie have a sister?

NO not a sister but she does have a brother who was on a recent show although that might not have been her real brother possibly just for the show.

Can you get pregenent from real brother?

Unfortunately, yes, you can get pregnant.

What is Langston Hughes brotehrs real name?

no brother or sister

In real life does dani harmer have a brother?

No She has a sister Betsy