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Whoever put it would kill your unborn baby is an idiot.

No apple cider vinegar will not harm your unborn baby. It is safe to drink but if you have questions you should contact your doctor.

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Q: Can a pregnant woman drink vinegar?
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Can you drink apple cinder vineger while pregnant?

As long as the vinegar is pasteurized, you can drink it.

Can a pregnant woman drink boones farm?

No. A pregnant woman should never drink any type of alcohol.

If you drink too much vinegar when you 3 weeks pregnant can you hurt the baby?

I think you are fine. Some women drink apple cider vinegar to reduce indigestion. I have also heard that it can help induce labor. Some women do not realize that they are pregnant till about 6 or 7 weeks and have drank heavily (celebrating turning 21) and their babies are fine. Usually alcohol consumption doesn't really bother your baby the first couple of weeks unless you are binge drinking. But I am in NO WAY suggesting that it is okay. I am just saying that you shouldn't be too concerned if this has already happened.

Could drinking vinegar while pregnant cause a miscarriage?

why the hell would you drink vinegar either way? It's good for you, and people do drink a small tsp at a time. Also being pregnant "cranings"

Can a pregnant woman drink seraseed?

sure :-)

If you're a week pregnant and you drink vinegar will the baby die?

No, drinking vinegar is an old wives tale - it will not stop a pregnancy.

Can a grown man drink from a pregnant woman's breast?

don't try can lead to birth defects and mental retardation, also i would recommend to stay away from the drugs too.AnswerFetal alcohol syndrome refers to mental, growth and physical problems that can occur when a mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy. The drinking need not be what we normally consider as excessive to cause problems in the developing fetus. Alcohol passes very easily through the placenta and seems to be most harmful during the first trimester. The prognosis varies but most babies have some degree of abnormal brain development. Please think before you drink.The fetus can have poor growth while in the womb.The infant can have poor muscle tone and co-ordination.Delayed development and functional problems in speech, movement, social skills and cognition.Heart defects.Facial deformities such as small eyes, small head, small upper jaw, abnormal lips.

Can a pregnant woman have energy drink?

Yes. You can take an energy drink of reputed brand.