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Yes, because there may not be enough of the pregnancy hormone present in your body and urine as of yet.

For some women even a week after a missed period can even be to early to detect pregnancy hormones. Also hpt doesnt always work. sometimes you have to take blood test to determine if you are pregnant. Take the test and it is negative try again in another week.


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Q: Can a pregnancy test come back negative if taken too soon?
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You are getting all the signs of being pregnant taken 3 tests but still coming back negative?

Sometimes your body will take awhile for a pregnancy test to come back positive. If you continue to not have a period, you should still check for pregnancy. A pregnancy test is most likely to show positive after your normal period time has come and gone.

I have taken a few pregnancy tests because i am late and it has been about 4 weeks since intercorse took place Is that enough time to know if you are pregnant All tests have come back negative?

Yes that is enough time. A test can be taken in 2 weeks after sex to determine if pregnancy has taken place.

Has anyone had the Mirena and ended up pregnant but the pregnancy test come back negative?

yes of course

If you get your period during pregnancy will your pregnancy test results come out negative?


What if you take battery out from digital pregnancy test and it come out positive is it still good?

I wish I had the answer myself. I did the same thing and mine came back positive as well. Which baffles me because I had taken one the day before and it came back negative.

If you take a pregnancy test and it come back negative but you still feel like you can be pregnancy?


Can smoking make a pregnancy test come up negative?


What do you do if you think your pregnant and all your pregnancy tests come back negative yet you have all the signs of being pregnant but nobody believes you because you are on the Depo-Provera shot?

You're not pregnant if you're on Depo provera and your pregnancy test is negative.

What could be wrong with you i am 15 days late and you have taken 4 home pregnancy tests and they have all come out negative?

i would get a blood pregnancy test done. maybe your HCG levels are just really low. Could also be a chemical pregnancy

I am several months late and I have taken pregnancy test that have all come back negative can i still be pregnant?

I would go see a Dr and get a blood test to know for sure. You could just be having problems with your cycle or you could be pregnant.

What does it mean when you have all the symptoms of pregnancy and look pregnant but all the pregnancy tests you've taken come back negative even one the clinic administored?

I wouldn't rule out a phantom pregnancy it could be possible especially if you are longing for a child, I know someone it happened to on three occasions.If you're showing and nothing is coming back positive you may want to get an abdominal ultrasound to rule out any other abnormalities (or to confirm pregnancy)

The last period was March 7th and had spotting on April 7th and again on May 7th. Taken pregnancy test they have come back negative. Is there still a possibility of pregnancy?

If you have not actually had your period it is still possible. Pregnancy tests measure hormones, which might not be high enough the first time the test is taken. If you took the test to soon but still have not experienced a normal period, you may want to take another test.

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